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I am Megha Chauhan and I am basically from Bangalore female escorts portal. I am living with my parents and let me tell you my family is the most important thing for me in the world. I love spending time with my family. My father is a police force and my mother is a housewife. Every Sunday we all used to go somewhere for a picnic and play different sports and games together and that is the best memories I love my cousins and my family.

Well, I am twenty eight years old and work as a bank clerk at a nationalized bank. I can honestly say that I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to connect with different people on a daily basis. But there are also some disadvantages not all people are nice and sweet. Some of them behave so rude and mean to you that can spoil your day and mood. Other than that I love the fact that I have a job where I can also make new relations and contacts with my Bangalore female escorts clients.

My father was also a bank manager but he retired last year and get inspired to him I also joined the bank. I am using this website because I've never really had the chance of being in a relationship all my life. I was always busy with my family and close friends I never had thought of finding a partner before. But now that some of my friends are getting married I felt that I should find a life partner. I am looking for a simple and sweet person who can easily mix with people. Someone who doesn’t have any ego or attitude problem because I can't stand mean people. If you want to be in a relationship with a Bangalore female escorts feel free to drop me a message.

At the end of a long day you enter your hotel room, loosen up your tie, and then what comes to mind? Bangalore female escorts for sure.

I love meeting new people and sharing knowledge and Bangalore female escorts experiences. I am a very open girl and love learning about culture and history. I offer full service. I am the girl you would love to have. I am loving, close, listener and clever. I love caresses, kisses and nice conversations. My preferred date starts in a dinner or a walk around the city. I like to know you before we meet and share intimate moments. What I really love is sex.

Bangalore female escorts use to have a lot of boyfriends when I went to school, and I had a lot of experiences during my life that made me explore all my sexuality and understand that it's something that makes me feel really good. I want to enjoy it all the time. So, if you only are looking for a girl to have fun, I am your choice. I am not so tall girl, but ideal for taking me to an event or a special party you want to be accompanied by a precious and educated lady.

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